Pamela Christner

“Although I have been hand stitching, beading and machine sewing since childhood, I only came to Art Quilting and Fabric Design in 2007.  I joined the Extreme Quilters in 2010 and have thoroughly enjoined the iconic company I keep within that group.  My designs are often based on a vision of the completed quilt that is always reconfigured by construction challenges and serendipity.  I am in love with color, nature, historical content and details noticed on my many travels in the US and abroad. My home environment also offers almost limitless inspiration. I am most at home hand stitching and beading, where each stitch or bead is applied after considering placement, color and texture.  Hand dyeing fabric to use in my work is another favorite activity.  While cotton is the most used fabric in my quilts, I love the feel and variety of silk textures to add sheen to a design. I am also a gem-stone jewelry designer.  The properties of gem-stones are researched and combined to augment the feel of my work in that medium.”